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H & P Animal Alliance is a foster based 501c3 dog rescue.

We pull dogs from overcrowded shelters in south Arkansas, have them vetted, and find them loving homes. We also transport shelter dogs to our northern rescue partners where they are matched up with their forever homes.

We are a small, foster based dog rescue with no facility, no paid staff, a handful of volunteers, and five foster homes that try to help as much as they can, when they can. Even with how small we are, we work hard everyday to help dogs in need in our communities!


Our low cost spay and neuter program, SNIP, has helped over 200 families with the costs associated with having their pets fixed.

We rely on donations to help with vet bills and transportation costs.

About us

2017 was one of our busiest years for pulling dogs, transporting, and our low cost spay and neuter program, SNIP!


* Last year we took in 210 dogs that were either adopted locally or found homes through our rescue partners! That's 210 lives saved!


* Our vet bills totaled $14,028.97 and we were able to have those bills paid in full at the end of 2017!


* Our low cost spay and neuter program paid $1,238.80 to help families with the cost of having their pets spayed or neutered.


 * We have purchased $1,820.56 in vaccinations, heartworm test kits, and medications for dogs. This number is separate from our vet bill totals.


Vet costs per dog can range from $20-$500! We've even had those whose vet bills total well over $1,000 and up to $5,000!


We rely on donations to pay for vetting, transport costs (gas, health certificates, and crate fees). We work hard to make sure that we start the new year with zero balances at our local vets offices.

If you would like to help contribute to our mission, you can paypal a donation to; mail to H & P Animal Alliance, PO Box 1526, Magnolia, AR 71754, or donate directly to our local veterinarian offices.

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